February 2, 2018| By Brooke Brown | Q&A

Q&A with Dare2Tri French Pro Denis Chevrot

Age: 29
PR: 8h05
Top Results: 1 Ironman and 4 Ironman70.3 win
Sponsors: Look/Compressport/Traithl’aix/High5/Corima/Dare2tri/Mizuno/Bont Cycling/Continental/

How did you get into the sport? Please include which was your first race? How did you feel? Result?

I got into the sport because I want to race, and finish, an Ironman. At the summer 2010, I registered for Ironm (more…)

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February 13, 2018| By Kristen Marchant, CAN PRO | SWOM

Swim Workout of the Month #SWOM

By Kristen Marchant, CAN PRO

The swim workout of the month is brought to you, by Canadian Pro, Kristen Marchant. This workout is one of her all-time favourites, and she wants to share it with you. Are you up to the challenge? Post your workout and use the hashtags #SWOMDT2 #challengeset.

2k Challenge
500 WU- (200swim /100 drill/ 4×50 fast/ez)
400 pull steady
1×100 + 300 pull
2×100 + 200 pull

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February 13, 2018| By Brooke Brown | Nutrition

Training Camp Nutrition Basics

By Brooke Brown, Registered Dietitian
Many triathletes are getting ready for season-boosting training camps. These tips will help you nail your getaway nutrition.

Do your homework in advance:
• Figure out the odds and ends before arriving to your travel destination, and what challenges might throw at you. Chat with other athletes and camp organizers who have been there before.
• Plan your stay with meals in mind. Even basic lodging with a fridge can increase your flexibility and options. Good daily nutrition and rest are two variables that will enhance your training experience and assist in your recovery.

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February 14, 2018| By Sarah Bonner, CAN PRO | Race Recap

Racing in Africa: East London 70.3

People get really excited here when they find out I’m Canadian. “Canada!” they repeat back to me, with big eyes and a big smile. Their eyes get even bigger when I tell them it was -27 in my home town this week, almost confirming it’s another planet. It’s two long-haul intercontinental flights and 24 hours of travel; you change seasons! Africa is far.

It’s also far from your expectations. Somewhere in between the enchanting giraffe-roaming natural landscape pictured in travel magazines and the nation’s complicated history, is East London. It’s not a place you dream of going but add “Ironman 70.3” to it’s name and it becomes a destination for the swim, bike, run crowd.

Once you’ve done a few triathlons you can go through registration, bike check-in, and the race briefing with your eyes closed. But this is Africa so we quickly cover sharks in the race briefing too. (more…)

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March 2, 2018| By Angélique Trinquier | SWOM

Swim Workout of the Month- By French Olympian Angélique Trinquier

The swim workout of the month is brought to you, by French Olympian, Angélique competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics in the Women’s 100 metre backstroke. Converted into a triathlete, she hopes to relive the Olympic dream one day in triathlon. Angelique puts together a workout for all levels. Give it a go!

Post your workout and use the hashtag #SWOMDT2

Novice (1500m)
W/U (600m)
200m freestyle, long stroke
100m medley (butterfly, back, breaststroke, freestyle)
200m pull,
100m kick

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March 2, 2018| By Brooke Brown | Q&A

PRO Corner: Meet 2x ITU Long Course Champion Sylvain Sudrie (FRA)

Getting to know Sylvain Sudrie: 35 yrs old, Gradigan, France
Sponsors: Dare2Tri, Look, Corima, Rotor, Infisport Nutrition, 7eBCA, SWIMRUN Atlantic Coast, Sardines Triathlon Marseille, Honada, Triathbreiz

Q: You’ve had a long career in Triathlon, starting from the young age of 16, how do you stay motivated year after year?

A: I remained motivated after all these years thanks to victories and good performances.

Q: Now of days, we see you primarily in half-iron distance races, will we see more of Sylvain Sudrie in full-distance races?

A: Yes, I will be present at Roth Challenge this year.

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