100 meter PB Challenge

Now that the majority have received your wetsuits, we invite you to do our 100 meter PB Challenge.

We asked swim coach, Frank Huisman, founder of Tri Experience to help us with a protocol which can help you towards your PB in your new MACHV.5

Follow the protocol below and share your results with us and the world via your social media. Snap some pics, make a video or make a blog about your testing. Be sure to use the hashtags: #PBChallenge #PBGuaranteed #MACHV5 #Dare2Tri #TeamDareTri

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Training Power: Cookie Recipe By Sarah Bonner, CAN PRO

I threw these cookies together one morning out of necessity. I had a big ride and nothing to shove in my pockets so I whacked the oven on and raided the cupboard for anything that looked like good fuel. They turned out amazing! The problem was, however, I didn’t write down the recipe. I spent most of my ride trying to remember what I had put in them. A month and a million batches later, I finally nailed the recipe. Wrap these babies in tin foil and ride away.

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Training Camp Nutrition Basics

By Brooke Brown, Registered Dietitian
Many triathletes are getting ready for season-boosting training camps. These tips will help you nail your getaway nutrition.

Do your homework in advance:
• Figure out the odds and ends before arriving to your travel destination, and what challenges might throw at you. Chat with other athletes and camp organizers who have been there before.
• Plan your stay with meals in mind. Even basic lodging with a fridge can increase your flexibility and options. Good daily nutrition and rest are two variables that will enhance your training experience and assist in your recovery.
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