70.3 Dubai: A last minute decision By: Alex Diaconu, RO PRO 

The decision to race Ironman 70.3 Dubai came with only 7 weeks to go due to the crazy hot winter weather, in Romania. Usually, it is -15 C with lots of snow, but this year, it was +5! ….. so after 6 weeks of no cycling but a lot of running, I started to do 120k+ rides every 2 days, so I could establish some base mileage. 

The first week in January the weather began to change and I moved on my hometrainer where I applied a new method of training for my “ reverse periodisation”. This way, I managed to increase my bike speed specifically for this race.
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Racing in Africa: East London 70.3

People get really excited here when they find out I’m Canadian. “Canada!” they repeat back to me, with big eyes and a big smile. Their eyes get even bigger when I tell them it was -27 in my home town this week, almost confirming it’s another planet. It’s two long-haul intercontinental flights and 24 hours of travel; you change seasons! Africa is far.

It’s also far from your expectations. Somewhere in between the enchanting giraffe-roaming natural landscape pictured in travel magazines and the nation’s complicated history, is East London. It’s not a place you dream of going but add “Ironman 70.3” to it’s name and it becomes a destination for the swim, bike, run crowd.

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