Swim Workout of the Month #SWOM


April 5, 2018 | By Celine Schaerer | SWOM

Swim Workout of the Month #SWOM

By Celine Schaerer, CH PRO

The swim workout of the month is brought to you by Swiss Pro, Celine Schaerer. This swim-set will be sure to challenge any fitness level. Rather than descent on pace times, follow the assigned rest time between sets. This is a challenging workout, so the idea is to pick a pace time that you can maintain throughout the set before going ALL OUT in the last 200 J


As you get more fit you will swim these sets faster, but the recovery time will remain the same. Post your workout and use the hashtags #SWOMDT2

W/U 200 easy

5 x 200 with 20” rest,

4 x 200 on 15” rest,

3 x 200 on 10” rest

2 x 200 on 5” rest,

1 x 200 all out

C/D 200 easy